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Sanicro 28 Plates

Sanicro 28 Plates

We are one of the best Suppliers of Sanicro 28 Plates in Mumbai. Navgraha Steel & Engg are fabricating these Plates by using the highest quality material. We are supplying these Sanicro 28 Sheet Plate in various specifications with customized as well as non-customized forms. As per the client’s requirements. We provided Sanicro 28 Plates to our client in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Thane & over India.

We use the highest-grade material to produce Sanicro 28 Sheet Plates.Sanicro 28 Plate which are suitable in high temperature as well as high-pressure applications.

Sanicro 28 Plate was originally manufactured for resistance against phosphoric acid, and now displays such resistance against a number of acids: sulfuric, chloric, and hydrochloric and hydrofluosilic. It also shows nearly complete immunity against acetic acid and its corrosive effects.

This Sanicro 28 Plate is suitable in many corrosive conditions. It also offers resistance to stress, intergranular rust, excellent resistance to pitting as well as crevice corrosion in different environments. With weldability and durability, Sanicro 28 Plates is the preferable material for Sheets and Pipes manufacturing. We are Suppliers, Providers, Exporters, Wholesalers, Dealers, Traders of Sanicro 28 Plates.

Sanicro 28 Plates

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